Friday, January 6, 2012

Samuel Lovejoy

Photo by Greg Meyer
I thought I would start with this image from Star Church Cemetery in Adams Twp. --- the tombstone of Samuel Lovejoy.  To my knowledge, it is the oldest tombstone in this county.  Decatur County was established on March 4, 1822, and as you can see, Mr. Lovejoy died on Sept. 13, 1822.

The inscription reads:
In memory of Samuel Lovejoy.
Born in Essex County Massachusetts. 
He served in the war of the revolution, was at the battle of Lexington,
the takeing of Ticonderoga & Died in Decatur county Indiana.
Sept. 13, 1822
Aged 69 years

The marble stone is in pretty good shape for its age.  The inscription is quite legible. There are a number of symbols of interest.  At the top of the stone we see a column on the left.  This is probably a Masonic symbol --- the Doric pillar of Strength.  In the center are more Masonic symbols --- the Square & Compass.  As measuring instruments, they represent judgment & discernment.  The large G to the right is another Masonic symbol.  Often we see the G in the center of the Square & Compass.  In Freemasonry, the letter G stands for both the Great Architect of the Universe (God) and Geometry, the basis upon which Freemasonry is established.

Therefore, we can safely assume that Samuel Lovejoy was a Freemason.

Post written by Greg Meyer

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