Friday, September 28, 2012

Photos from the library's collection...

The Indiana Room at the library currently houses a few photographs of historic Greensburg that have been donated over the years. Since this is such a small collection, we've decided to give the photos to the Decatur County Historical Society. Before we part with them, though, we wanted to scan them and make them available to a wider audience. Please leave a comment or contact us if you have any additional information about these photos!

"Greensburg H.S. Latin, Third Year"

"D.A.R. Reception at Jo Kitchen home N. Franklin St. Feb 22/ '18"

"The Greensburg Band, Oct 28/'15. Greensburg, Indiana."
Names written on back by Mabel Samuels in 1973, listed left to right:
Back row: Unknown, Leonard Stone, unknown, Cliff Scripture
2nd from back: Albert Grinstead, Albert Applegate, Robt Hutchinson, unknown, Walter Robbins
3rd from back: Unknown
4th from back: Anderson Ketchum, Arthur Wright
Front Row: Unknown, Unknown, Harry Robbins

"Dalmbert's clerks. Aunt Anna Connelly in back row, 1st lady at the right. Taken in building where Murphy's is now."
Names written on back (not sure what the numbers refer to - no numbers are written on the photo):
No. 1 Grace Seitz Sparks (Mrs. Miahlon Sparks, Jane's mother
2 Helen Schaffer (Betty's sister, also a sister of Mrs. John Huber
3 Eva Short (Mrs. Jess Short)
4 Miss Anna Connely (Mrs. Herbert West's sister)
5 Mr. Max Dalmbert
6 Charles Dalmbert

Photo from Millard Hudson's studio at 9 1/2 Main Street opposite Hotel DeArmond in Greensburg
Notes on back: "Friend of the family thinks advertisement of photographer. Anna Jo Foley gave 2/15/77."

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  1. The band photo is an amazing find! Thank you so much for sharing these old photos. The man on the left in the front row looks exactly like my dad, who is a Robbins descendant; however, his grandfather, Charles M Robbins, would've been 43, so would that have been too old? (If I'm correct, both Cliff and Walter are 23yo in this photo) I think I see a resemblance between the guy on the front left (*has* to be a close relative of mine!)and Harry Robbins, though I cannot figure out how we would be related. I can be contacted at if anyone has any information. Thank you!


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