Friday, January 11, 2013

Still Alive and Doing Business!

Advertisement, 21 February 1890, Greensburg Standard

Conway & Childs was a grocery store operated by William Conway and his son-in-law John Fletcher Childs in Greensburg c.1873-1915. The store was located on the south side of the square. After it closed, the space became the Bee Hive Grocery.

William Conway was born 15 May 1814 near Fredericksburg, VA. He married Elizabeth Thompson on 10 November 1935; they moved to Greensburg in 1870. Conway died 20 January 1898.

William and Elizabeth had one daughter, Ella, who married John Fletcher Childs. John was born in West Rushville, Ohio on 4 November 1843 or 44. He served in the Civil War before moving to Greensburg around 1870. John died 10 January 1917.

John Fletcher Childs, Illustrated Souvenir of Greensburg, Indiana, 1894

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12 January 1917, John F. Childs, 74, Pioneer business man and veteran, dies of heart trouble, Greensburg Standard, p. 3.

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