Monday, February 11, 2013

Greensburg High School, 1917

Row 1 (Top), L-R: Alpha Thackery, Lorna Colvin, L. V. Hurt, Jane McKay, Bertha Vanderbur, M. A. Blackmore, Ella Brown, Bessie Gregory, W. B. Porter, Erna Loyd
Row 2, L-R: Mary Craig, Helen Clark, Opal Swango, R. A. Doles, Mildred Robison, Leone Blackmore, Ray Allen, Myra Murphy, Marie Transou, Alice Jenkins
Row 3, L-R: F. D. Barlcley, Maggie Ryse, Lettie Brown, Ethel Brown, C. W. Clark, Pamela Moss, F. T. Turner, Elsie Cooper, Lillian Porter, R. B. McKim
Row 4, L-R: Nelle Bruner, Elsie Mobley, D. O. Neidigh, Helen Brown, Mabel Parker, R. B. Doles, Nelle Baumgartner, P. H. Huber, Ruth Biddinger, Edna Ketchum
Row 5, L-R: Marguerite Metz, H. B. McCoy, Donnah Nease, Versie Mobley, G. G. Turner, Ethel Crawford, Mildred Conquest, Nellie VanKirk, Helen Kutz, F. L. Townsend
Row 6 (Bottom), L-R: R. L. Banta, Mary Helen Stout, Marjorie Johnston, Mabel Clemons, H. K. Barnes, Alma Parrish, T. M. Reynolds, Goldie Howard

Thanks to April Marinoff for scanning this photo and sharing it with us!

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