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Teachers who made a difference: Lillian Knox

Back of photo says: "Old West Blding. 1954, Miss Lillian Knox, teacher"

Last week, when I posted about Elinor Platt, I asked readers to name their favorite Decatur County teacher. The response was incredible! Thanks for all your feedback and for taking a moment to share your appreciation for the teachers who made a difference.

Lillian Marie Knox was nominated four times as a favorite Decatur County teacher. Lillian was a lifetime resident of Greensburg, born 3 June 1913. She attended Ball State University, and received her degree from Butler. During her 41-year teaching career, she taught at Letts and Greensburg. She passed away in 1986, at the age of 73.

Julie Westhafer Hanmer said, "I just remember that she was an amazing person to me and made 1st grade a place that was full of love and learning and not at all scary. She was a teacher and I had been waiting soooo long to have one of those so I was sort of in awe. She had a schedule in her class and all sorts of incredible things for us to do and she some how kept us all under control! It was just the perfect introduction to formal education!"

Barbara Jacobs said Miss Knox was a spectacular teacher who made a huge difference for her:
"Lillian Knox was my first grade teacher at Billings Elementary during the 1966-67 school year.  My memory of that time is a little sketchy because I was very ill with encephalitis and was hospitalized for quite a while at Riley Hospital.  I was in a coma for a period of time and forgot many things.  Miss Knox retaught me many of the skills that I had learned before my illness and was most likely the reason that I was successful in school despite the illness.  I remember her as being very patient and kind.  Billings Elementary had many great teachers, but I owe her a lot for taking the time and dedication it took to make sure that I did not fall behind my classmates."

Was Miss Knox one of your favorite Decatur County teachers? 
Please share your own memories of her in a comment below!

Source: Lillian Knox obituary, 12 June 1986, Greensburg Daily News

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  1. She was my 1st grade teacher in 1973 and my dads.. Great teacher.. Roger Williams


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