Monday, March 18, 2013

Clarksburg class photo by C. B. Harrell

The back of this photo is stamped, "C. B. Harrell, Photographer, Clarksburg, Indiana."  Probably taken c. 1900.

Calvin B. Harrell was born in 1870. He married Alice (Allie) Higgins on 31 August 1892 in Franklin County. In 1894, he became a postmaster in Sandusky, Clinton Township, Decatur County. 

In 1910, Calvin and Allie lived in Fugit Township, where Calvin was a jeweler. Later, they moved to Greensburg, where he worked as a watchmaker. He never listed himself as a photographer in the census.

Calvin died in 1951; his wife in 1958. They are buried in the Hopewell Cemetery in Richland, Rush County.

Sources: U.S. Census records for 1910, 1930, and 1940; Appointments of U. S.  Postmasters, 1832-1971. Accessed on

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