Monday, March 4, 2013

Jerman School Sixth Graders, 1958-59

From top-
Row 1: Jim Miller, Linda Young, Steve Konzelman, Melita Hancock, Bob Thompson (?), Susan Young, Mike Storms, Carol Stewart Woods
Row 2: Jane Smyser Howard, Jim Small, Carol Jane Sheese, Richard Richardson, Nancy Robbins, Robert Ray, Bonnie Roberts Holzbacher, Patrick Ewing Osting
Row 3: Larry Hunter (?), Gail Page Wildman, Mike Holbrook, Jerilyn Cummings (?), unknown, Betsy McKay, Alan Barnett, Karen VanOsdal
Row 4: Beverly Lay, Maurice Amy, unknown, Rick Acra, Beverly Niles, Dixie Schoenke Osting, Sally Thornburg Grenz, Teresa Tetrick

Thanks to Lou Alexander, Linda Gibb, Carol Jane Koutz, Bob Melcher, Jim Miller, and Sally Ann Thornburg Grenz for identifying most of the kids in this picture!

If you can identify anyone, or see a mistake, please leave a comment or email

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