Monday, April 22, 2013

Prom queens of the past

Congratulations to the library's very own Kelsey Johnson, North Decatur High School's 2013 prom queen! Here's a look back at some Decatur County prom queens of the past...

From the 1956 Tower Tree yearbook
Row 1: Judy Doerflinger and Mary Beth Springmier
Row 2: Mary Ann Parker and Nanci Pollard
Row 3: Diana Elder, Judy Reddish and Pat Gordon

From the 1962 Tower Tree yearbook
Katha Small, Sarah Young, Regina Hyatt, Queen Judy Seibel, Kathy Scheidler, Barbara Stewart, Ellen Reed

From the 1970 Tower Tree yearbook
Helen Ernestes, Nancy Boone, Jacqua Layton, Jacque Loudenback, Nancy Beard, Helen Saler, and Dawn Barnes

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