Friday, May 3, 2013

The Dinky 500: 1965

The Dinky 500 was a bicycle race held annually at Greensburg High School beginning in 1965. It was modeled after IU’s Little 500 (founded in 1951), and sponsored by the Student Council. In addition to a 25-mile race for the boys, girls could participate in the Mini 500, a tricycle race. 

This month we'll be featuring photos from the Dinky 500 for the first five years the race was held. Check here every Friday in May for another look back at the Dinky! If you have a photo you'd like to contribute or a memory you'd like to share, please contact Lori at

The winning Dinky 500 team: Alan Goddard, Ken Baker, Frank Hamilton, Larry Marhanka, Steve Chitwood, Charlie Meadows, and Mark Innis

The winning Mini 500 team: Cheryl Pleak, Bev Kitchen, Donna Garrett, Dortha Fivecoat, Alexa DeMoss, Betsy Shaffer, Nancy Redelman, Diane Kielbasa, Marcia Zeigler, and Becky Drennen.

Photos from Greensburg High School's 1965 Tower Tree yearbook.

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