Saturday, August 3, 2013

Early 1900's photo at Brazelton's

This lovely photo from the early 1900's was shared with us by Maureen Duncan. The photo says, "Taken at Brazelton's," which Maureen believes was the home of Will R. Brazelton. He lived on McKee Street in 1900. The names are listed, but not in any particular order: Elva Clemons, Erma Unnewehr, Edith Redington, Jessie Redington, Flo Redington, Flo Osting, Zola Martin, Mabel McDowell, _______ McDowell, Myrtle Jerman, Nellie Redington. 

According to Maureen, Jessie and Flo Redington were sisters, daughters of John Marshall and Margaret Elizabeth (Hopper) Redington. Edith and Nellie Redington were their cousins, daughters of Isaac and Louisa Redington. 

If you know more about this photo, or if you have a photo you'd like to scan and share on the blog, please email Lori. Thanks!

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