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Herbert E. Rosencrans, Greensburg Photographer

Photo with "Rosencrans" imprint

Herbert E. Rosencrans was born 2 August 1872 in Shelby County, a son of Robert and Rachael Reed Rosencrans. After attending Hope Normal College and Smith’s Business College, he married Maud Wolfe on 7 January 1897 in Camden, Ohio. In 1899, they moved to Greensburg, where Herbert went into the photography business with Charles Wolfe - possibly a relation of Maud’s, though I've found no proof of this. In fact, evidence of there being a Greensburg photographer named Charles Wolfe at all is scarce if non-existent. The only photo I've found that might be by Charles Wolfe is this one, taken c. 1895, but Wolfe is spelled without an “e” on the end.

Cabinet card photograph of Fred Applegate with "Wolf" imprint

By 1905 Herbert Rosencrans had his own studio in Greensburg at 315 East Washington Street. In 1908, he was running a studio at 102 East Washington Street (on the north side of the square, where Crafts & Occasions is located today). At the time, there were three “art studios” on the Greensburg square – the others were owned by Aultman and Champion. Rosencrans set himself apart by advertising that his studio was the only one in town on the ground floor.

Greensburg City Directory, 1908

In early 1911, Rosencrans sold his ground floor studio to John W. Beck

3 March 1911, Greensburg Standard

Afterward, Herbert and Maud moved to Chicago where Herbert began working for the Illinois Bell Telephone Company, from which he retired in 1933. They moved back to Greensburg in 1941. After Maud died on 30 June 1948, Herbert married Dorcas Williams on 29 April 1950. He died on 15 October 1955, and was buried in South Park Cemetery.

If you have a photo taken in Greensburg with the Rosencrans imprint on it, it was probably taken between 1899 and 1911.

We’d love to see your Rosencrans and Wolf(e) photos! Please email your scans to us and we’ll share them on the blog. 

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