Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Eliza (Gageby) Porter identified

Good news! We've been able to identify another individual in one of the glass negatives. Very few negatives have a name scratched or written on them, and even those that do have a name are difficult to make out. This was one of the easier ones. I had to flip it around a few times, but once I got it right, the name was very clear.

Based on the records I was able to find, Eliza Jane Gageby was born in 1841, the daughter of James and Lucy (Warriner) Gageby. Her father was a cabinet maker from Pennsylvania. Eliza married Charles Porter, a carpenter from Connecticut, in the 1860's. They lived in Greensburg until 1900, when they moved to Cincinnati, where their son George lived - he was a ticket agent for the railroad. Eliza died on 15 October 1906.

19 October 1906, The Greensburg Standard

This photo of Eliza (Gageby) Porter was probably taken in the House & Faries Studio around 1865, shortly before Eliza got married. She would have been about 24 years old. 

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