Monday, July 14, 2014

Oscar R. Ewing

bw photo of Oscar Ewing
(FSA) 1947-1953

Oscar R. Ewing

(1889 - 1980)
Oscar Ewing was born in Greensburg, Indiana. After receiving a bachelor's degree from Indiana University, and a law degree from the Harvard School of Law in 1913, he joined a law firm in Indianapolis. Mr. Ewing served in the U.S. Army during World War I, and upon his discharge in 1919 he joined the law firm of Hughes, Sherman and Dwight, headed by Charles Evans Hughes, who was to become Chief Justice of the United States. In the early 1940's Mr. Ewing was assistant vice chairman and later vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee. At the 1944 Democratic convention he was a member of a group that led a movement to make Senator Harry S. Truman the candidate for Vice President on the ticket with President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was seeking a fourth term. In 1947 Mr. Ewing was appointed Administrator of the Federal Security Agency, a position held until his retirement in 1953.


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