Monday, August 18, 2014

Oscar Ewing in His Twenties

Oscar Ewing received a bachelor's degree from Indiana University and a law degree from the Harvard School of Law in 1913.  While at Harvard, he was an Editor of the Harvard Law Review, a member of the Lincoln’s Inn Society and the Choate Club. Oscar was united in marriage with Helen Dennis of New Jersey in 1915. More will come later on his wife’s family history. It might be significant that his uncle James Ewing, a noted hometown attorney and Judge died in May, 1917 and his father died less than two months later in July, 1917. Both of these men had provided role models for Oscar Ewing. Both the obituaries are worth reading,  since each could be a short story in itself. Mr. Ewing served in the U.S. Army during World War I, and upon his discharge in 1919 he joined the law firm of Hughes, Sherman and Dwight, headed by Charles Evans Hughes, who was to become Chief Justice of the United States. All these events from 1910 through 1920, I.U., Harvard, marriage, death and war undoubtedly had a huge effect on his life and career.

George Ewing's Obituary:

James Ewing's Obituary

 Sources: Greensburg Daily News - January 8, 1980 
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