Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oscar Ewing's Sons

Today I will just post some connections to the obituaries of Oscar Ewing's sons. James Dennis, who was named after Oscar Ewing's uncle James. Dennis was Oscar's wife Helen's maiden name. George M. Ewing was named after Oscar's father, George McClellan Ewing.

McClellan was a family name and for years the family thought it had some direct connection to the Civil War General, until Oscar Ewing met THE General McClellan's son. Here are Oscar Ewing's words on the subject.

"Captain Patrick Ewing had a large number of children. The son through whom I trace my ancestry was named Putnam Ewing. He married a Jane McClellan from the adjoining county, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Jane McClellan Ewing was, by tradition, a woman of great beauty and fine intellect. In our family it was for a long time thought that she was closely related to General George B. McClellan, a commander of the Union Army of the Potomac in the Civil War. I mentioned this to General McClellan's son, the former Mayor of New York, George B. McClellan, Jr., when I sat beside him at a lunch back in the 1920s. He said the relationship must be rather remote. He explained that originally there were three McClellan brothers who had migrated from Ireland to America. One settled in Maine, one in Connecticut and one in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Mayor McClellan said that his branch of the family was descended from the brother who settled in Connecticut while Jane McClellan Ewing, being from Chester County, Pennsylvania, was undoubtedly descended from the brother who had settled in that county." - trumanlibrary.org

There is no end to the ambition in this family. Oscar and Helen Ewing's sons were very successful, award-winning newspaper publishers.  Both sons overcame obstacles on the road to success and kept in mind the Ewing family ideal of helping the less fortunate by the way they published their newspapers and by establishing foundations. I hope you will be as proud, surprised, intrigued, and amazed as I am at what has come from our small community through Oscar Ross Ewing.  More to come...

James Dennis Ewing obituary

George M. Ewing obituary 

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