Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Two pound cannon ball in Greensburg after the Civil War

“The Two-Pound Cannon Ball”
The following article appeared in the Greensburg Daily News on September 14th, 1932. Wouldn't it be interesting to find this canon ball or find out more about it and the canon that fired it.


A two-pound cannon ball was found on the banks
of Gas Creek near the stone quarry, just south of
the city limits Tuesday and was brought to the News
office today by Greenberry Roszell, 85, who is old
enough to remember when a cannon belonged to
the city and was often used back in the 60’s in firing
at a large sycamore tree which was used as a target.
This ball is believed to have been one that was used
In practicing on the tree which stood on the bank of the
Creek. It may be seen in the News window.

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