Friday, August 31, 2012

Greensburg in 1918

One of the treasures in the local history collection at the Greensburg Public Library is this wonderful photo of the Lone Tree Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, which was taken in the Greensburg YMCA Gymnasium on April 1, 1918. The photo includes a card mount with the photographer's imprint, which reads, "The Eclipse Studio, Greensburg, Ind." 

The best part? Full names were written on the back! Unfortunately, there are 30 names listed, and only 29 women in the picture. Let us know if you can help us verify anyone's identity!

The great thing about digitizing photos is that you can zoom in to get a better look...

Front Row, L-R: Mrs. Mollie Fogg, Mrs. Ella Kitchen, Mrs. Lida Cobb, Mrs. Rose Zoller, Mrs. Lizzie Turner. Back Row, L-R: Mrs. Ethel Ryan, Mrs. Stella Rucker, Mrs. Florine (Sefton) Meek, Mrs. Laura Sefton, Mrs. Eliza Wolverton, Miss Vessie Riley, Miss Anna Riley, Miss Patience Rucher.

Front Row, L-R: Ruth Ryan (on floor), Mrs. Maud Johnston, Mrs. Cora Davis, Mrs. Flora Haas, Mrs. Eliza Crisler, Mrs. Eusebia Stimpson. Back Row, L-R: Mrs. Mary Swift, Mrs. Nettie LaRue, Miss Pearl Williams, Miss Rebecca Montgomery, Miss Hannah Baker, Miss Sadie Baker, Miss Sarah Montgomery, Mrs. Markland, Mrs. Victoria Craig, Mrs. Winona Deiwert, Miss Emma Donnell.

Of course, family historians will be excited to see if they recognize someone in the photo, but we can glean much more information than that! We can see what women in Greensburg were wearing in 1918, and how they were contributing to the war effort. We can see what the old YMCA looked like at that time. What else catches your eye in this photo?

Although they are difficult to see, one particularly interesting element is the WWI posters in the background.

Close-up of WWI posters

The Library of Congress (LOC) has digitized approximately 1900 WWI posters. According to the LOC, posters were an important way to inspire, inform, and persuade during the war.

By searching for phrases we can make out in the posters in this photo, we can see the originals and find additional details about them. For instance, by searching for the phrase "Over the Top," we learn that the poster on the far left is a color lithograph created in 1918 by Sidney H. Riesenberg to promote the purchase of U.S. Savings Bonds.

Over the top for you, 1918, Sidney H. Riesenberg

This is a great collection to browse and explore - and it's a fun way to learn about this time period.

Boys and Girls!, 1917, James Montgomery Flagg

If you know something more about our DAR photo or have other WWI-era photos of Decatur County you would like to share, please leave a comment or
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