Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Revisiting "About Town"

"About Town" was a Greensburg Daily News column that ran in the late 1970's. The column featured short articles about interesting local people. Many of these articles were clipped and saved in the library's vertical files. To make this information easier to access, we've compiled the articles in a binder, arranged them alphabetically by name, and made them searchable in our catalog. If you see someone of interest in the list below, but cannot make it into the library, please contact us. We can scan the article you'd like to see and email it to you! Otherwise, you are welcome to use this collection in person and make copies of any articles you'd like.

You will find articles about the following people in this resource:
Adams, M. H. (Rev.)
Armand, George
Barker, Bob
Bilbrey, Dan
Bower, Ora
Boyer, Cleo
Bradley, Charlie
Brown, Faith
Cable, Sue
Carel, Bill Jr.
Carr, Woody (Woodrow)
Childress, C. W. (Doc)
Comer, Norman
Dickson, Dale Donald
Fowler, Smiley
Frensemeier, Robert
Fry, Urban
Galbraith, Opal
Gordon, Ken
Hunter, Bill
Kohler, Herb
Licking, Ben
Longmyre, Gertie
Marolw, Earl
Miers, Nansi
Mitchell, Zue
Navarra, Audrey
Owens, Kenneth
Query, Hallie
Renigar, Cleo
Richey, Merle
Rinker, Ken
Robbins, Louise
Robbins, Sally
Runion, Bill
Schoettmer, Gary
Shazer, Delton C.
Shirk, Stanton (Mrs.)
Sturges, Jere
Tebbe, Glenn
Thomson, Tommy
Thornburg, Merritt C.
Tillson, Florine
Tillson, Marguerite
Woods, Ronald W.

You might also be interested in the authors of the articles. They were written by:
Austin, Don
Autry, Dave
Evans, Tim
Ewing, Kay
Gordon, Ken
Hall, Jim
Hall, Mike
Hellmich, Nanci
Hossler, Cindy
Hyle, Bob
Jackson, Pam
Sickles, Brad

Thank you to the Greensburg Daily News for publishing these articles!
They will be an invaluable resource to family and local historians for years to come.

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